Mindfulness Wellness Workshops


Take a moment to invite stillness and be present, to a better sense of what is here and now, at this moment. Learning about different ways to be curious with what body sensations, feelings and/ or emotions are showing up for you in your daily life. Mindfulness is a direct and convenient way to cultivate greater intimacy with your own life unfolding. Recognizing how valuable it can be and that it is often overlooked and underappreciated as the asset it actually is, and how empowering it can be when explored fully and consciously. Developing awareness since the present moment is the only time anyone ever has for perceiving, learning, growing and transforming. We are more than we think we are, that we have within us strengths, resources and possibility for well-being that are, for the most part, untapped. Our Mindfulness Wellness Workshops bring people together to explore how we are showing up in our relationships, both with ourselves and with others. Challenges and difficulties are workable and can lead to understanding and growth.

Group sessions available.  Pricing may vary based on size of group and length of time.  Please contact for group pricing.



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