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You can always control what goes on inside

Train your mind to be in the present moment.  Connect your mind, body, and heart through meditation, mindfulness movements, and more.

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Loved by our customers

The grace and strength of Kendra’s offerings exist in her sincerely empathetic heart, her top-notch education in these methodologies, and also in the depth of her own personal practice. Kendra’s insightful teachings support her clients in creating healthy, mindful lives, for families, relationships, and workplaces. With Kendra’s approach, everyone rises together.
Oakland Park, Florida USA
Kendra’s power as a Mindfulness Life Coach is her absolute presence, bringing lightness and serenity to each session. She truly listens and partners with me to mindfully find, design and take steps forward.
Doral, Florida USA
Kendra has always brought joy into people’s lives since I’ve known her. Her caring, empathetic and sensitive ways are extremely approachable. People are drawn to her energy, spirit and friendliness wherever she goes. She is an amazing women, friend, mother, sister and wife and can coach you in any of these areas in a mindful way. I’m always excited to learn from her!!
Miami, Florida USA
Perfect combination of information, instruction, meditation and awareness! Heartfelt!
Coconut Grove, Florida USA
Kendra’s empathy and radiating positivity compliment her knowledgeable approach to mindfulness in a unique way. I truly enjoyed working with her!
Milan, Italy & Singapore
Great experience! Truly well done thank you!
Coral Gables, Florida USA
Her willingness to help others achieve a mindful way of life is truly remarkable. Kendra will create for you a non-judging welcoming space for you to practice mindfulness.
Coral Gables, Florida USA
Kendra is very friendly, approachable, and welcoming. I am looking forward to hearing more of the wisdom in mindfulness in life coaching that she has to share!
Fitchburg, Massachusetts USA
Kendra is masterful at knowing just what you need. Her energy and presence are comforts and her coaching is insightful!
Miami, Florida USA
Kendra is a person that is caring, thoughtful, and compassionate! An all-around great person that is easy to connect with and work through things with you.  Awakening yourself to perspectives with curiosity and heart that you may have not been even aware of in your life.
Santa Clara, California USA
Kendra’s intuition is her power without even consciously aware of how she has impacted me! With grace and intention sharing from the soul can’t be missed! Her unwavering commitment to champion people burns brightly! To serve is to be served.
Coconut Grove, Florida USA
Kendra is openminded and cares for others. She offers presence with heartfulness. This is a rare gift that has the potential for healing.
Normandy, France & Washington, DC USA
Working with Kendra was a beautiful and transformative experience that I would highly recommend to anyone. Her kindness and focus on mindfulness inspired me to achieve a better version of myself. Always grateful!
Palm Beach, Florida USA
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